Tuesday, January 27, 2009

converter removal needed

Having spent many 100's of hours hoping a Bittern would come closer it would be churlish to complain that this one was too close but as I had the 1.4 converter on at times I could not fit it in the frame and getting the bird central in the camera from a cramped slot was more than tricky --now if I was a true pro of course I would say a planned the shot with the bird moving into the picture leaving its rear end to the left to create more impact


Images of the West said...

Awesome images of the bittern and throughout this blog Graham. Hope to gaet images like these one day myself. This blog will be an inspiration to many! thanks

Images of the West said...

Awesome images of the Bittern and throughout you blog. Your hard work will be an inspiration to many people hoping to achieve similar results in photographing birds.thanks for all the posts

Anonymous said...

>converter removal needed

I don't understand, does your converter also crop the image? Or why the format is near to square if you use camera which makes 2:3 format pictures - not even 3:4.