Sunday, January 17, 2010

Black-throated Thrush

like many birders of my generation it was the first-winter male Black-throated Thrush at Coltishall in 1976 that forced a long trek from Lincolnshire to add the species to my life list; all thrushes seem to be charismatic and attractive so this one, my 6th in the UK, at just 80 miles away was a real draw -- and it always helps when a bird is tame for photography; its favoured garden is always in the shade and too many people to stake out the other haunts but what a nice bird -- about time someone found one in Lincs! must try harder


Vince Cowell said...

Great set of pics Graham, particularly like the 5th one down. Absolute stunner.

Razboynik said...

Very impressive pics.

Sam and Lisa said...

Stunning set of images, the fox shots in previous post are outstanding. This blog is one of my benchmarks.