Thursday, January 21, 2010

high ISO Brents

the light today was nil with mist and low cloud compounding the visibility; its getting a bit regular so I decided to try some shots on high ISO with the 1DIII ---here all are 3200 ISO -- the first shots are straight out of the camera the last 2 with noise reduction and a bit of tweaking


Razboynik said...

Great photos - I saw a huge flock of Brent Geese at Keyhaven / Pennington Marshes, approximately 600-800.

Nick Green said...

Great detail from such high iso's. The noise reduction does a good job to.

The low light at least enables you not to burn-out any highlights and keeps a nice level of tone across the plumage. Well worth the effort I'd say!

I'm always interested to know what the orignal file size looks like?

Best regards,