Thursday, January 14, 2010

Magpie bittern benefits from food handout

maybe not the best place to put fish for Bitterns -- but it keeps the Magpie busy cleaning them up


Nick Green said...


Wait till I tell my Father you've been out saving Magpies..he'll think you've gone mad!

Well done for trying though - did the Bitterns ever suceed in finding the sprats? We have a big thaw under way down here in Kent - the big freeze is over...for now!


Nick Green said...

Hello Graham,

Wait until I tell my Dad you've been out saving'll be in trouble!!!

I wonder if any sprats ever found it to the Bittern, and now the thaw has set in how many you have left. Well done for trying!


Graham Catley said...

Twas not me putting the fish in the Wrong place but the wildlife experts! --no Bitterns found the sprats as they were not put where the Bittern are!