Saturday, July 17, 2010

Common Tern themes

it was dull and even a few spots of rain early am -- up to 3 Common terns were feeding in a shallow bay on Waters' Edge so I concentrated an hour on trying to get some illustrative images and a few away from the standard fly -by side on shot -- its easy to just pass of sumer migrants but Common terns will not be with us for many more weeks so when the opportunity arises to get a few shots its worth spending some time on them -- but by so doing I just missed the chance to look through the flock of Golden Plover on Chowder before the tide pushed them off!
Yesterday I eventually got around to setting the micro-adjustment on the Mark 4 and was surprised that it needed adjustment on all lenses apart from the 300 2.8 and then adding the converters added some major differences --

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