Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bullfinch questions

back in 2004 I wrote a bit in the Lincs report about the Northern Bullfinches that occurred on the coast that year in the unprecedented invasion documented in British Birds Vol 99:1:2-24 --I was also fortunate to bump into a party of trumpeting birds while staying near Aviemore in March 2005 --

 this autumn has seen another good arrival of Northern birds on the east coast but I have not heard of any definite claims from the Lincs coast -- a sighting of a Firecrest on Waters' Edge last week sent me on search mode there this weekend for 3 days, to no avail but I did find that there were 18+ Bullfinches present, mostly feeding on guelder rose and sea buckthorn berries -- this is an unprecedented number for this small site and I had inklings that some at least were northern birds -- hence I tried amongst the procession of dog walkers to try and photograph as many as possible -- these are the either or's!

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