Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rough-legged Buzzard but a dull day

always at a distance for the SLR but what a great bird --
My first Rough-legs were 2 hunting East Hill at Walberswick on November 10th 1973 when coastal Suffolk formed the basis of many winter student trips from UEA; after 4 birds in that winter the next, 1974 - 75, produced an exceptional arrival in Britain and I managed to bump into at least 31 during the course of the winter with an amazing 10 in the air over Walberswick on November 10th, out of 11+ seen that day, one of the many highlights but one at Bonby from December 14th - 15th was also my first for Lincolnshire and our local north lincs area. Interestingly that winter also produced very good numbers of Great Grey Shrikes and Hooded Crows and our regular birding around Norfolk and Suffolk turned up 12 different Great Grys between October and March without a birdline or pager or any information just birding and finding birds -- heady days --


Unknown said...

Great images Graham.

Unknown said...

In my memory we didn't ever go out that winter and not see a gg shrike - or a hoodie - and mostly a rough-leg or several too. Ah, sweet memories of union-van days :-)