Thursday, June 16, 2011

Osprey / Rough-legged Buzzard / Buzzard

a report of an Osprey in a group of trees where I know this bird has held a territory for the last 3 years had me wondering if it was still present and of course if they were one and the same -- a Rough-legged Buzzard was reported in the same area in the winter-- soon found the bird in question and although the pics do not do it justice the white uppertail with a narrow diffuse terminal band are truly striking when it hovers as it was doing frequently today in the fresh wind -- these pale form birds were truly rare in Lincs until about 7 years ago when odd ones started to appear -- I have seen the odd bird on the coast that could have been a migrant from Scandinavia / continent but what has caused this increase in pale birds at inland breeding sites? this bird is presumably a male as it was displaying at one stage this afternoon -- in the bottom 3 shots it was being mobbed by a 2cy Peregrine that seemed to pick it out from all the other buzzards for special attention

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