Thursday, June 16, 2011

Peregrine hunting

yes too far off I know etc but it wasn't a tame falconers bird and you have to make what you can of rare opportunities;---     after a dash through a flock of Stock Doves I saw this 2cy Peregrine coming at a Woodpigeon close to me -- the pigeon spooked the Peregrine nicked it and a couple of feathers flew but it quickly changed tack and caught up with the pigeon low over the field -- note the shots were all in a very quick sequence; the first batch of feather were still falling when it took out the second batch -- then after downing the pigeon it had not sooner landed when the male Marsh Harrier arrived to try and displace it but the falcon was able to defend the pigeon for about 15 minutes before being flushed by a jogger of all things

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