Saturday, July 16, 2011

another food pass

watching male harriers pass food to juveniles is fascinating; it is not just random actions the male shows the prey to the juvs which can tell if he is carrying food from several 100m away; as they fly towards the male he slows his approach and positions the prey from two feet in to one foot then as the juv comes up from below he stalls and throws the prey forwards so that the juvs forward momentum carries it towards the prey when it throws its feet forward taking the prey as it falls; it is all over in a few seconds -- one day I will get some better shots but the males always know you are there and they deliberately tempt the juvs away to make the pass at a certain distance


Tim James said...

What a wonderful series of shots – one of the essential lessons in nature's classroom beautifully captured.

Christian said...

Only one comment so far!

These shots are simply amazing! I love the food tossed in the air and the female contorted to catch it.

This is bird photography at its best!

Where are all you commenters?