Sunday, July 10, 2011

spotty Spotted Flycatchers

I tend to avoid the local park due to the fact that it is totally over-run with dogs but at 06:30 this morning it was a bit early for most of them -- on arrival Spotted Flycatchers were calling around the car park and I quickly found a pair with 4+ fledged juveniles but there seemed to be others though it was difficult to be sure as they fed mainly high in the canopy -- nice to see they have fledged young and this is usually the second territory in the park so must check the other one --
what makes a good bird picture varies in the eye of the watcher but I think there is merit in big bird in the frame pics and yet also in birds in a nice environment so a mix here -- I actually prefer the small adult in the hanging sycamore branches with the black backdrop -- getting correct exposure in situations like this takes a bit of doing -- must start some workshops!

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