Sunday, February 05, 2012

colour ringed Common Gull

from CR web site looks like maybe an Estonian origin

Many thanks to Kalev Rattiste for this quick response to the origins of this bird;

Larus canus, white PMMA ring P7V8 (ID= 3656)

·      ringed 27.05.2008 with aluminium ring Estonia Matsalu U 275439 (on left tibia) as a chick in Kakrarahu colony (nest no. 190), Matsalu Nature Reserve, Estonia (58°46’ N 23°26’ E).

·      metal ring of a breeding male read 19.05.2010 in Kakrarahu colony, nest no. 616.

·      caught 11.06.2011 as a breeding male in Kakrarahu colony, nest no. 631. White PMMA ring P7V8 added on right tarsus. Blood sample taken.

·      observed 05.02.2012 feeding on fish waste in an open container at Grimsby Fish Docks, North Lincolnshire, England (53°34’54.5110’’N 0°03’49.70’’E) by Graham Catley. A photo taken.

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