Thursday, June 14, 2012

back from the north

well Varanger this year was very different to past visits; cold north to easterly winds straight off the Barents' sea, temps around 4C - 5C with severe wind chill, dull and cloudy and dull and duller and often wet as well with < 24 hours of sun so different photography but some excellent birds as usual -- on our return on the 13th at Kaamanen (Finland) it was well VERY wet with cloud down to 50m and heavy and lighter rain -- 300 f2.8 lens hand held at 800 ISO and 200th - 400th sec but there were up to 14 Pine Grosbeaks at any one time!

Somehow in all the bad weather I seem to have 82 GB of shots a very large % of which will no doubt be in the bin soon!


Christian said...

They're brilliant Graham - especially the last one with the foliage framing the lovely red bird.

Isidro Ortiz said...

Bonitas capturas.Saludos