Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sedge Warbler and Whisky

anyone who was at the Bird Fair at Rutland and visited the British Birds stand or who takes BB will have possibly seen my displaying Sedge Warbler photo that was placed 4th in the BB bird photo of the year 2012. I thought it had a decent chance of a high place but groups of judges seldom seem to come to the conclusions that the majority of people do so I was rather pleased to get an email from Roger Riddington, editor of BB and of course past Lincs birder, telling me the following;

You missed a lot of excitement at the fair, namely a public vote on the shortlisted BPY pics, to see if the general public agreed with our judges.
Unsurprisingly, the public did not. Almost 1200 people voted, and the winner was... A Sedge Warbler in flight over  a Lincs reedbed. Well done. 

As compensation a fine bottle of Malt Whisky was delivered to my door -- anyway here is the shot for anyone who has not seen it --always good to know that your fellow birders / photographers agree with what you think is a good image -- 

And the people’s winner is…

If you do not subscribe to British Birds you should --

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