Monday, September 17, 2012

Greylags mundane or not

like most places the Humber has a big population of introduced / feral / naturalised or whatever you call Greylag Geese; as such apart from doing a few counts they tend to get ignored but birds from other areas no doubt do occur locally and Wayne Gillatt had a neck collared bird in December 20111 at Mesisingham that had been ringed on the north coast of Norway -- so this flock that passed up the Humber today may have been from a non local locale a suggestion supported by the fact that they had clearly not come across the Humber Bridge before and adopted the usual panic attack behaviour as they came up to the structure as shown jettisoning their last meal as they veered to avoid the bridge approach road

USV 2011-07-20 NFN NESSEBY,FINNMARK,N 28,76 70,11 Skjåholmen


Caroline Gill said...

We watched a VAST 'tidal wave' of Greylags in the Sound of Iona at sunset last week ... and assumed they had flown in from Scandinavia.

joanca bs said...

very nice shots