Friday, January 04, 2013

roosting Marsh Harriers

the adult male arrived followed by a juv and a 2cy male - the adult was calling all the time and driving off the other two -- this continued for a while when they drifted off -- the female then arrived and sat on her usual perch screaming at the two younger birds when they tried to come into the reedbed -- eventually she went down and left the chasing to the adult male but when he roosted she got up again and continued to chase the other two birds from the roost even when they settled in the reeds she would attack them until 16:14 when she eventually went down and the two youngsters came in and roosted at 16:15 --


jd said...

Great shots of the harriers. I've noticed looking back through the last couple of weeks, especially the fox on ice, that your images are coming out sharper with more detail. Is the the 500 II with the Mk4? You take good images anyway but some of the more recent ones really are a step up again.

Graham Catley said...

The 500 II with the 1D4 and the mark 3 converters certainly seem sharper than the previous 500 and mark !! particularly so with the 2x converter which I have been most surprised about; it hunts when trying to focus at varying distances but for static birds or things moving on a set plane then it produces seemingly excellent results comparable with the 1.4x -- in addition I have upgraded from Photoshop CS4 to CS6 and processing seems to be also more sophisticated and produce better results from RAW file conversions --