Thursday, July 04, 2013

Bridled Tern

well I sort of feel guilty for feeling that I was a bit cheated by this bird but I know that I should be grateful I saw it though after a long and very expensive trip I would have liked to have seen it for longer, with less pressure and stress and got some better images but I guess that is the trouble with boat bound birds, too many complications and not enough freedom of movement as it were --
Actually just looked out my notes on the Rutland bird and the 1988 Cemlyn one which I managed to get some decent images of on Kchrme 64 with my trusty Nikon F300 and Sigma 400 5.6 apo lens; all manual focus, manual exposure et al not like todays gear! --
anyway a selection of the records from yesterday against the light, poor light, bird too distant for the 300, people getting in the way and too cluttered background for flight shots -- anyway mustn't grumble I am sure there will be better opportunities when it lands on the beach at North Cotes later this month!
Also had good scope views of at least 6 Roseate Terns fishing quite close in off Amble and there were others on their boxes on Coquet visible when the heat haze cleared

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