Sunday, December 29, 2013

Long-tailed Duck fest continues

went for a walk with the wife and monty this morning and located the 3 Long-tailed Ducks on the patch, male Marsh Harrier but not much else; after a wasted visit to Far Ings the light was so beautiful I went back to the ducks but on the way saw one on another pond -- took some photos and then went to check the other 3 were still there and they were so now 4 in total; 3 Cetti's called and a Peregrine harassed the feral pigs and 2 Kingfishers chased past -- not a bad day -- these shots benefit from light and location things that you just cannot predict with so many wild birds -- the IQ with the Canon 5D3 is superb if you get close enough for a decent image size; all on monopod crouched in the goo!

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