Saturday, December 20, 2014

wing tips -- a day well spent!!

spent about 6 hours grilling my gulls today; about 4000+ and for my efforts found just 2 Meds -- this one took all of 4 hours to get what I think is the full combination; it was close in the morning but an unbelievable set of human related incidents prevented reading the ring; first it landed with the ring hidden behind a clod then a Black-head stuck its head in front of the ring; it came closer just as a boy racer went past and flushed the lot; it landed again and a horse rider flushed them; it landed again and a Buzzard went over -- again and the farmer came out with a tractor -- next time it stood still for 10 minutes with the ring hidden -- seagulls - why do we do it!
I think its PLU7 -- have sent off to Poland

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