Sunday, June 21, 2015

emerging odes

on an increasingly hot afternoon with temps up to 24C we attempted a walk around Cottonwood Slough on the outskirts of Jasper; there were lots of odonata on the wing with some unidentified emeralds and Hudsonian Whiteface and Belted Whiteface with the more familiar Four-spotted Skimmer same species as Four-spotted Chaser -- several damselflies went unidentified as did numerous blue butterflies and this hairstreak. on the open water were a few Ring-necked Ducks, Buffleheads and a female Goldeneye while a lot of Common Yellowthroats were singing along with some empids that I thought were Willow Flycatchers but they remained hidden and the downside of the high temps and light winds were the increasing number of mosquitos that led to a premature departure. Spot the emerald behind the RND's head - back on the road two Willow Flycatchers eventually succumbed (one song I remember from 2001is the fitzzbeew of Willow Flycatcher)  and a drake American Wigeon was on the open water with two Blue-winged Teal

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