Sunday, June 14, 2015

May 31st the finale

the trouble with June is of course that it stays light longer so after having been out for 13 hours there seemed no reason not to have a look at a few more potholes before dark -- a superb bit of wader habitat had several Killdeers and American Avocets plus Black-necked Stilt while Yellow-headed Blackbirds became numerous; several hirundines were present and a flock of Canvasbacks added to the diving duck tally -- dabbling ducks including American Wigeon were feeding on the adjacent fields and a nice Swainson's Hawk obliged on a telegraph pole -- a last stop off at another great looking lake produced good numbers of Black-necked Stilts, Red-necked as well as Wilson's Phalaropes, several pairs of displaying Black-necked Grebes yet more waterfowl and a couple of California Gulls ending a rather productive day

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