Sunday, November 29, 2015

Greenland White-fronted Goose

Saturday late morning chatting birds over the phone with ND when he says there's an adult White-front just dropping in with Greylags; landed out of sight at Alkborough and he failed to find it later -- this morning did not seem a great prospect for birding but with some sun midday headed to Alkborough to look through the Teal and hope for the AGP coming in! -- with a gale blowing the hide was the only option then the torrential rain set in and a lone goose flew towards the hide -- I blasted off a few shots in rubbish light but they confirmed what we thought an adult Greenland White-front only the second record fro the site following a party of 6 in January 2012 -- it landed into the gale with Greylags but almost immediately they flew and taken by the gale disappeared east -- then one of those things happens that never does happen the light improved for a few minutes and in those minutes the GWF flew back past the hide allowing some rather improved shots --

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