Friday, April 29, 2016

Glossy Ibis, Squaccos, Wood Sand and Little Egret flocks

it was very disappointing to see the wetland areas in such a poor state; Zakiki marsh was just a small hole in 4m high reeds with no real open water but a nice new hide looking at little; Phasouri was almost totally dry with just a few ibis and 2-3 Squacco s feeding on the edges, the Aspro dam pools have gone, the ford at Nata was inaccessible due to a new bridge being built across the ford and also no access to the track to the eastern end of the dam -- I saw a flock of 18 Purple Herons heading north and several flocks of Glossy Ibis totally about 800 birds then there were 103 Little Egrets resting on the rock at Kensington one day but overall for water birds it was a bit dire -- the only waders at Phassouri were a couple of Wood Sands

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