Tuesday, April 19, 2016

tagged Marsh Harrier

Sunday the light was bad; bright sun then deep cloud but with appalling heat shimmer as cold air mixed with the sun warmed ground and it was often drizzling as well; picked up a green tagged 3cy Marsh Harrier in the Valley but try as a I did with the scope I could not make out anything on the tags; I took about 200 images but 99% were just a hazy blur then I managed a few that confirmed it was indeed SH -- ringed in Norfolk in 2014 - at least I got the age right in the field -- hazy, blurry images - without digital images none of these tags would be readable on a flying bird

Hi Graham,
Thanks for the pictures and back ground info - all interesting stuff.
SH was part of a brood of three from the Holkham Estate in North Norfolk. As you correctly stated he was a male, with one of each sex for his siblings. SH was seen not far from you at the RSPB reserve at Blacktoft Sands on 12.05.2015, but no sightings in the intervening 11 months. His sister was seen on and off around Rutland Water in 2014, then at Claxton, near Norwich in November 2015. No sign of his brother since shortly after fledging.
Thanks again Graham,
Cheers Phil

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