Saturday, August 06, 2016

Squacco Heron part 2

so after the initial sighting at 19:55 dashed off to Far Ings but no sign of the bird until 20:40 when Matt (again!) picked it up perched in target hedge - a sprint with camera of what added up to 1.12kms (I am seriously not fit) and it had just flown off again! but amazingly it then came back and did two circuits around us before dropping in the back of a tall hawthorn where we were able to get good views for 10 minutes before i dropped out of sight -- what a relief, what a nice bird and why had I not changed the camera exposure from a setting taken and hour previously when it initially flew in! In flight it was getting chased by the pre-roosting Sand Martins which seemed to be spooking it a bit
All were ISO 2000 or 3200 so not ideal

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