Saturday, May 20, 2017

back with 140GB

9 days on Vancouver Island -- mainly fine and dry but generally cloudy; temps anywhere from 4C in the mountains to 17C -- all images with either Canon 5D3 and Canon 24-105 lens or Canon 5D4 with Canon 400DO2 and 1.4x converter mark III -- as usual some good birds and animals but the scenery always impresses and its hard to leave the view from our rented cottage on the beach front south of Campbell River,  upper image, where every day produced another vista with variations on cloud and sun and waves;
just back -- left Campbell at 07:00 19th, BC ferry to Tswassen then a few hours at George Reifel bird sanctuary, a real disappointment after the outward visit ads all migrants seemed to have gone and it was Victoria day weekend with a consequent mass of locals and kids -- pushed the boat out and flew with BA from Heathrow, highly recommended, also car hire via Rental with Hertz, brilliant service in direct contrast with the affair with Avis last year -- BA flight 20:55 arrived Heathrow 14:10 and back home at 19:30 after driving through about 10 inches of rain along the A1 -- Just uploading some fo the 140 GB of files while I am still awake -- I did fail to appreciate just how much difference the file sizes on the 5D4 make and nearly ran out of memory card capacity

View from the cottage garden at Campbell River

Sun breaking through the clouds over the Rockies taken from Campbell River just after sunrise May 19th 2017 -- witht he 5D4 and 400 DO + 1.4 converter

Below Pacific Rim between Tofino and Ucluelet

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