Monday, May 29, 2017

Vaux Swifts

I could not work out why I had not seen Vaux Swift so typed best place to see Vaux Swift on Vancouver Island into google -- it came up with a link to a local newspaper article describing birders and local people gathering in a parking lot in Courtney to watch the spectacle of 1000's of roosting Vaux Swifts in the museum chimney -- as it happened Courtney was just 30 minutes drive away so we joined the assembled gang of locals with dogs, aged bins and a few nutters to await the arrival of the switfs -- they appeared about 30 minutes before dark but I started off at 3200 ISo and was only getting 1000th second on birds that I could hardly keep up with and then went to 10,000 ISO before the flock formed -- they were then scattered by a hunting Merlin but a smaller flock persisted and at 25,600 ISO I got a few flock shots at 1600th second - there is some noise not surprisingly! another birding spectacle and the second of my 3 new birds -- click on the bottom image to see what 25,600 ISO Looks like on the 5D4 after some Neat Image treatment

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