Tuesday, July 04, 2017

a few Suffolk images

a family weekend in east Suffolk fitted in a few bits of birding -- was pleased with the Stone Curlew images they were taken at 21:35 on a very dull evening with 100% cloud cover; Canon 5D4 on 8000 ISO and 400 DO 2 and 1.4 converter -- it was hard enough seeing the bird through the viewfinder -- typical camera reviews rate the high ISO performance of a camera in bright daylight which is fine but actually useless as that is not why you need it, why use 8000 ISO when you can use 400 ISO? but if there is no light its a different story and results are clearly very different with regard to noise produced
not having been to the Westleton area for many many years I was astounded by the number of Med Gulls flying over everywhere and the flocks on the pig fields - didn't spend long looking at them but the flying adult had Yellow 2H46 as bling -- beautiful part of the world and so quite compared to my local area where background noise is so bad -- also still lots of wild areas and moths and bugs hence the richness of the birdlife not all as yet killed off by the Lincolnshire arable chemical killers

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