Sunday, September 30, 2018

where we stay Taste of Zanzibar on the beach

I rabbit on about the great cottage we rent at Campbell River so to put things in perspective and provide a link to the property (if you enquire do mention my name!) and a few shots from the porch and garden -- west coast Canada we fly to Vancouver then its a hire vehicle and 2.5 hours on the ferry to Nanaimo and a 2 hour drive up to Campbell River -- why its so good for migration is obvious from the map at the narrowest piece of water between the Island and Quadra Island and then the mainland lies off Campbell River so it concentrates migrating wildfowl and waders moving south-east down the coast from Alaska -- the narrow water area also produces upwellings and churning water caused by tides that produce excellent feeding for wildfowl and seabirds plus cetaceans -- Humpback went past the garden this year, picked it up be hearing it blow --the hummingbird feeder under the porch attracted up to 4 Anna's Hummingbirds this year and get Rufous in the summer
The rental is superb, kitted out with everything you could need, including the hot tub in the garden, and is close enough to amenities and eateries in Campbell River but far enough out to be quiet and full of wildlife

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