Sunday, August 18, 2019

Willow Emerald new for my Lincs ode list

after a few attempts finally found a male at Kirkby albeit in very strong winds that made photography very tricky indeed as it was blowing about 15cms in each direction! From having seen only two species of Odonata in Lincs in 1989 I have managed to get up to 26 species with a couple more possibles really down south if I am ever in that area -- Yellow-winged Darter eludes me

a mix of mixtas (Migrant Hawkers) and a Southern Hawker and Common Hawker

Southern Hawker above

Above Male Common Hawker a good record for Alkborough and nearly slipped by amongst the hordes of Migrants

Friday, August 09, 2019

moult Sanderlings

probably the worst time of year for Sanderlings that are in worn plumage -- did not see a single juvey's yesterday but maybe still a bit early -- one colour ringed bird amongst the flock -- I make it Left Tarsus YflagWG, Right Tibia Metal, Right Tarsus YW --

Great White Egret in modern times

On August 8th 1979 I received a phone call, by the old land line of course, about a Great White Egret at Messingham Sand Quarries a FIRST for Lincolnshire no less! Hot foot to the site and get the poorest of images on the old SLR with manual focus and on slide film its blurry and very small -- 40 years on to the day and this one turns up on Waters' Edge just down the road -- it is pretty tame in a busy country park and allows somewhat better images but would not cause any birder movement -- times change quickly in birding -- no local Turtle Dove now for 3 years where there used to be up to 35 pairs in the 70's but Little Egrets daily, Great Whites regular, Marsh Harriers breed and Black-tailed Godwits pepper the foreshore -- there always seem to be more down than ups but maybe that's age related

Sunday, August 04, 2019

Southern Migrant (Blue-eyed Hawkers) at Alkborough Flats, first Lincs records

great find by ND yesterday when I dipped but reacted this morning and after about 90 minutes watching the male he suddenly flew up and grabbed a passing female -- what are the chances of that happening and us seeing it it happen and them then landing in the vegetation nearby briefly -- eventually remembered to take off he 1.4x converter but agains the reeds had to resort to manual focus which was in itself a challenge as eyes don't focus that quick! First records for Lincolnshire and the second new odes in a year with he Vagrant Emperors earlier in June