Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Black-winged Pratincole in Lincs

was about 4 miles from my car trying to get to grips with what was almost certainly a Vagrant Emperor at East Halton Skitter when I got the dreaded phone call - thanks Anthony -- 50 minutes later back at the car but almost as soon as I set off the back wheel starts making some pretty awful noises -- hoped it was just a. stone in the back plate but after 10 miles I decided to go home then after. big bang and another noise it seemed to be OK -- thus late to the party and missed all the close fly-bys with rain setting in early at 15:00 it never did anything much after then until I left at 17:10 -- cracking views but just a dot in the camera and with heat haze as well never going to be anything other than ropy shots but a welcome Lincs list addition after missing the Gib bird by 10 minutes -- video is iPhone with scope hand held in heat haze

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