Saturday, October 17, 2020

coastal failures

its been one of those autumns where everything I seem to see is fleeting or elusive or both - haven't taken a decent image for weeks - on paper days like yesterday look OK; Olive-backed Pipit seen well by two of the crew but for me just a calling fly over, Pallas's warbler seen for less than minute at dusk, Dusky Warbler one calling and a couple of days previous calling and brief flight view, Yellow-browed Warbler just a few seconds view, Firecrest looking up into the canopy, Siberian Chiffchaff wrong side of the river,  but the Redstart, tired Redwing and 5 Crossbills showed well and a Woodcock landed briefly in an awkward pose on the track -- luck must change soon and still finding nothing - that Bluetail must be just around the corner!  also a juvenile Peregrine from earlier in the week 

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