Tuesday, October 06, 2015

another day another stunner

just one more Yellow-browed but lets face it every one is a little stunner

interesting young male Marsh Harrier

appalling record shots from a distance but what an intriguing bird -- its been along the Lincs coast for at least 4 weeks now -- ranged from North Cotes to Saltfleet today at least 

Monday, October 05, 2015

Citrine Wagtail juv / First winter

what colour is its mantle? fine details often only revealed at very close range -- now to find one in Lincs

Citrine Wagtail accept or not?

would any committee accept on these images -- is this underwing pattern typical?

Yellow-browed failures

constantly thinking there is something better to be found and not spending enough time getting some shots of these sprites -- need to transfer some energy to the next showy one

Little Bunting

Never been a fan of in hand bird shots but shows some features up close -- watched it in the scrub by the canal later none the worse for its experience

Snow Bunting from saturday

one of the earliest ever Snow Buntings on my patch and a seriously nice bird; from the Birding Frontiers Challenge Series winter I make with a male nivalis and from the pattern of the primary coverts at least a 1cy male but I do need to study the finer details better!

educational Citrine Wagtail

from what I can see I took about 1000 photos of this bird yesterday! why? well I suppose because it was close and the first juv I have seen since 1983!!! - silly but true -- a supporting cast of Little Bunting, a few Yellow-browed Warblers, Great White plastic bag, Arctic Warbler - briefly and some nice energetic walking made for a tiring day -- lots to sort -- its all Spurn's fault -- really need to get out and do some work but its October

Thursday, October 01, 2015


this fine male Bluethroat was at Spurn on Tuesday but I was on a long walk when it turned up so just the light weight camera gear, 7D2 and 400 5.6 to hand and I also missed the shot when it landed on   the rocks next to me as the camera was still in the bag! nice bird though