Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pacific Golden Plover?

pretty sure this bird is a Pacific and not American but it was 500m away -- working on some really poor images taken with 7D2 and 500 f4 plus 2xIII in poor light but a bit of video with iPhone 5C and Svaro 70x95mm -- excuse the language and jumping!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

a few close gulls

no doubting the IQ in good light when birds are close

AF baffling

this is what seems odd -- 7D2 and same lens converter -- 3 shots in straight sequence -- 1st and 3rd sharp middle on way off

Iceland Gull revisited

some perched shots today -- mostly 7D2 with 2x II and 300 2.8 II -- a couple with 5D3 and same lens / converter -- which ones?

Black-tailed with 2x

7D2 with Canon 2xIII and 300 2.8 II - 800 ISO then 400 ISO when the sun came out -- I can see why photos taken in Florida and such bright and sunny climes look so good as the light levels seem to make a serious difference to IQ