Thursday, June 23, 2016

Great Knot revisited

it is only 108 miles to Tichwell for me and when am I likely to ever see another in summer plumage? So made another visit in what was forecast as variable weather -- humid, murky, frequent showers and generally poor light again -- went straight to Tichwell and picked it up in flight as it came in from Scolt at the head of a small flock of Knot -- so a lot more rubbish images but if you are there every day you stand a lot better chance of the one close appearance in the crowds you are never close -- what you need is a bucket and mussel fork - they get very close -- when I hear people saying I saw the one on Teesside I don't need it I think they maybe need a new hobby --
 it certainly seemed to have a preference for these small yellow coloured crabs

more Great Knot action -- but where is it?

just how any of these have been missed in UK Knot flocks? easy when you get your eye in as this bird is such a striking summer adult but in any other plumage?click to make them bigger -- is is in the third one down, a clue its on the ground

Saturday, June 18, 2016

local Scaup

this drake Scaup has been on the pits since February -- I think it has an injured wing either from shot or a collision with overhead wires, and this prevents it leaving but it seems to be surviving --

a couple of harriers

yesterday at Alkborough; a young male Marsh and the summering female Montagu's more usually seen at Blacktoft

Friday, June 17, 2016

no apologies for the number of images of this iconic bird or for the poor quality related to a variety of factors, distance, sea fret, poor light, 7D2 noise levels etc -- it was just a brilliant bird -- now for a Lincs record!