Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blyth's Pipit

went with no great expectation but hoping to get to grips with the calls; bright first off with some quick moving showers then it just turned into constant driving rain and cold with it -- bird was clearly getting wet as well in the weather and perched up in this willow to have a preen and shake -- light by then was poor but shows a few of the features -- the calls though remain instructive; only heard it give the chup call doubled on two occasions but the pscheeeoou down then upward inflected was frequently given on take off -- it even sort of offered to hover a couple of times before landing in the wind a bit Richard's like but usually it just dived in quickly; no excuses for the horrible flight shots but here for anyone who wants an impression of it in flight -- tail pattern impossible to ascertain with it being so matted and wet