Thursday, October 31, 2019

a late Red-backed Shrike in Lincolnshire

we did 10 miles on the Lincs coast yesterday and found a total of no scarce birds just a handful of Woodcocks and three Chiffchaffs so resorted to taking in the juvenile Red-backed Shrike at Sea View Farm -- a nice bird and notably late for this species -- it was catching flying insects in the air as well as insects on the ground and this ejected pellet looks to have plenty of beetle cases in it -- when it coughed it up bits flew in all directions

Fraisthorpe kestrel sp

several images from today for delectation

Thursday, October 24, 2019

RCP and Whooper

the Waters Edge Red-crested Pochard starting to look a bit more drake like and a local Whooper Swan in the gloom

real mixed bag

Alkborough 23rd; irrupting Bearded Tits, Richard's Pipit second of the year, latest ever Common Sandpiper and a Wood sandpiper still present plus a Willow Emerald -- will we have a Willow Emerald in November?