Saturday, July 25, 2015

Moorhen, Tufted, Black-tailed Godwit 2x

just had the 2x II back at Canon for a warped internal seal replacement; calibrated and cleaned etc -- not exactly cheap but seems to be working well -- 1DX, 300 2.8 II and 2x III -- all Waters' Edge Barton on a quick evening test

Great White Egret Alkborough Flats

not the right light by any means for a white bird -- haze too sunny etc -- surprised to see it get beaten up by a Little Egret -- not the bird they once were

Friday, July 17, 2015

Nightjars at night

the Canon 1DX goes up to ISO 51,200 -- I had never contemplated using it as obviously noise levels would be silly but as it got dark while out Nightjarring I gave it a go -- -later I had two males performing a battle royal chasing each other over  a clear fell wing clapping and coiking for 20 minutes with occasion breaks for a churr-off on the ground when they perched about 2m apart gently churring away -- the images are not what you would call great but if it had been an Egyptian at least you get something! most of the later ones of the two birds taken at 8000 ISO, 100th second hence not many are in any way sharp but you get the impression of the chase -- a privileged hour with the mysterious Nightjar -- a good article on Nightjars was in the latest Birdwatching Magazine by Ben MacDonald Birdwatching August 2015 pages 29-32

flying Black-tailed Godwits