Friday, February 28, 2014

Great Grey Shrike still on the motorway

seemingly oblivious to the 1000's of vehicles hurtling past it every day but if you park on the road nearby it flies 200m round you !

a few Common Crossbills

a yellow and red first-summer male and a female

Two-barred Crossbill calls

short recording of the Broughton Two-barred Crossbill from today --

Saturday, February 22, 2014

and the winner is

well maybe the best shot if simply because it was unexpected, I really thought it would be OOF the speed it was flying and me falling over backwards with the 500 mm lens;

well another foreign trip completed -- back to work and about time Lincs had a Ross's Gull -- need to start looking seriously

Snowy Owl male and a few additions

amazing how much quicker the male's fly than females and how much more manoeuvrable they are, a real test for the camera af and my shoulders!

Snowy Owl fest nears a close

a couple more posts of some I regard as the best of the crop but they were all great and what an experience -- can it be topped -- Japan next winter would be nice

Two-barred Crossbill Lincs

ell a bit better than the last lot but still have an inkling that this bird may give itself up at some stage; it was really vocal this afternoon giving the repeated high pitched chip call for about 15 minutes at one stage mixed with some brief bursts of song; it had given the trumpet call a few times in the morning but I relocated it this afternoon at one stage as the loud trumpet notes came out of the edge of a plantation -- it then flew out giving the repeated  chip call -- recording equipment in the back room!!!! it had never been vocal before