Saturday, April 25, 2015

Whimbrel and Gropper

one of the singing Grasshopper Warblers at Rimac, get the bubble gum pink legs and feet, and part of the total of 74 Whimbrel we had there, 19 on the foreshore and 53 on the pasture fields just inland -- the largest spring gathering of Whimbrel I have seen for many years -- and we managed to miss the eagle!

Blue-winged Teal

with the prospect of a long walk and only a vague chance of some record shots just took the 7D2 with 400 5.6 and 1.4 converter up to Donna Nook - flight shots show the lack of quality but the ground shots were pretty pleasing -- 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Northern Wheatears but where are they heading

really enjoyed these superb Wheatears yesterday with a minimum of 14 individuals all but one males; the pales bird is amongst these images that show a variety of birds but are they true Greenland Wheatears or are they heading for Iceland as seems to be the theory based on slightly paler underparts than Greenlands and the timing that fits well with arrivals in Iceland -- any thoughts / comments welcome

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Northern Wheatear and habitat

Lincolnshire's best spot for passage Wheatears due to one simple factor heathland with an abundant population of the beleaguered Rabbit -- under attack from farmers and even reserve managers they produce the short grazed sward beloved of so many species; Lincs has lost about 25% of its Woodlarks due to the loss of Rabbits in the last 10 years

Ouzel records

went out early this morning and found out I had left my spare battery in the bag I took on holiday; 14% charge on my camera!!! -- Ring Ouzels never very approachable and heat shimmer building quickly; five birds along with 38 Fieldfares and 10+ Wheatears Risby Warren