Friday, January 27, 2006

Smew so close!

the female Smew on Hotel pit appeared to be absent until I was walking back to the car and it swan past at 5m range with the rain falling and camera hidden away---after that it was just never close again

Marsh Harrier injury?

this first-winter Marsh Harrier which was hunting Barton pits during the afternoon has sustained some loss of inner primaries on the left and right wings--it appears to be a different bird to that photographed on the 24th even without the wing damage--the tail is also badly abraded---the question thus arises as to what has happened to this bird?

little dwebe

on a dull and cold afternooon some light refreshment was provided by this Little Grebe which fished right in front of the Hotel pit hide at Barton---but as soon as it ventured 4m around the corner it was immediately under attack from the local pair of Coots hence the running shots

Thursday, January 26, 2006

nice chat

I find it difficult to get a Stonechat photo which I find appealing but this male at Walesby was doing its best--edit out the FC fencing

who can resist crossbills on a sunny day

Walesby again as the sun shone intermitently and the flock of crossbills numbered at least 41 the orange male was a particularly striking bird

more xbills

when the light is right and the birds perform they make for good photos but long barren spells are the norm in waiting for crossbills

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

new lens first results

having been interested in a 300mm f4 lens for some time I have just bought one and have been out today in so so lighting trying it out with and without my 1.4 converter--results so far are very pleasing---while on Waters' Edge a juvenile Marsh Harrier appeared for 10 minutes and allowed me to get some distant shots as it was chased by a Carrion Crown and then to put on the converter and catch it as it departed to the west


several flocks of Knot were moving west up the Humber today--one small party over Waters' Edge--- also Redshank, Little Grebe and another harrier shot

assorted local birds

the day was not the brightest but not the dullest day of January so a few local birds and vegetation were captured with the new lens combo===

moorfowl and baldies

the local black fowl had to be part of the lens test

Sunday, January 22, 2006

birds with attitude

Coots are ever present on the local ponds and as such are often ignored but they have great character and a real attitude problem when it comes to disputes

bog hen and agitated cousins

today the Moorhens were serene while the bald heads were just argumentative