Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Whooper Swans flying to roost

2cy drake Eider

not a regular bird any more on the Lincs coast -- another species for my Lincs photod year list challenge!

very very small image alert -- Peregrine race?

a possible calidus candidate but as shown it landed a long way out and past the no entry boards -- even in flight it was strikingly pale on the whole underparts and when it landed even more so but the image was OOF -- then it got up and flew while I was glancing at something else and went inland chasing pigeons --- needs better views -- Donna Nook

3cy Glaucous Gull still at Donna Nook

and still cleaning up some of the seal pup carcases

colour ringed Shag

one of the three at Covenham reservoir apparently ringed as a chick on Fidra in the Firth of Forth last year -- appears to be getting enough food!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

diving Shoveler

sort of assuming this female Shoveler on waters Edge has been injured in some way, probably shot, but it has adopted an odd feeding strategy diving constantly in the shallow water but disappearing under water for 10 - 20 seconds at a time

Teal up close

male Sparrowhawk staring display flights

this pair were actively displaying over two weeks ago --looks like a young male so that is maybe why -- Sparrowhawks fluff out their undertail coverts just like Goshawks