Friday, May 29, 2020

Turtle Dove

when a bird goes from being common and widespread to near threatened in the course of your life's birding it is a truly sad reflection on the human race; shooting, farming, climate change its all humanity based -- in the late 70's I occasionally counted over 100 birds in a day moving west up the Humber in late May - I have not seen a bird on my local patch now for 5 years where up to 34 pairs used to nest -- was sound recording this coastal bird yesterday so I have a remembrance of the species

May Roe Deer

Sanderlings at the wrong time of day

High overhead sun makes for very poor images but desperation demands! Sobering to think that in just two months time many of these delightful birds will be back on the Lincolnshire coast having flown to the high Arctic and attempted to breed -- also no real wonder that spring birds are often mis-identified as a range of other waders due t the variation in their moult and adoption of spring plumage.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sedge Warbler display

should have taken the converter off in retrospect --

Four spots and first BBC of the season

last week first male Broad-bodied Chaser of the season and a good emergence of Four-spotted Chasers

fluffy bandits

some good broods fledged this spring --

mass fledging of Starlings

co-ordinated fledging is typical in this species with clear survival values -- always occurs in the last week of May but seems a bit early this year possibly due to the amazing April

Common Bluetails, Blue-tailed damselflies and Reed Bunting

in the wind and sun yesterday there were some big concentrations of Bluetails in sheltered corners of the pits - at least 200 were in this one spot - not all were making it to this stage though as the Reed Buntings were clearly taking their toll

Garden Wood Mouse

busy harvesting the bird seed - it gets bullied by the House Sparrows that are considerably large