Sunday, November 29, 2015

Greenland White-fronted Goose

Saturday late morning chatting birds over the phone with ND when he says there's an adult White-front just dropping in with Greylags; landed out of sight at Alkborough and he failed to find it later -- this morning did not seem a great prospect for birding but with some sun midday headed to Alkborough to look through the Teal and hope for the AGP coming in! -- with a gale blowing the hide was the only option then the torrential rain set in and a lone goose flew towards the hide -- I blasted off a few shots in rubbish light but they confirmed what we thought an adult Greenland White-front only the second record fro the site following a party of 6 in January 2012 -- it landed into the gale with Greylags but almost immediately they flew and taken by the gale disappeared east -- then one of those things happens that never does happen the light improved for a few minutes and in those minutes the GWF flew back past the hide allowing some rather improved shots --

Spotted Redshank

Water Rail

one of the most under-recorded species in the county -- we have no real idea just how many winter around the local pits but it could be in the region of 50 birds

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Whooper Swans moving west

a party of 8 Whoopers over Waters Edge this morning moved off west up the Humber; four cygnets and 4 adults -- otherwise a very quite, cool and drafty morning - a Bittern and Willow Tit were the other notebook entries

Sunday, November 22, 2015

2cy male Marsh Harrier

another distinctive bird with these oddly barred grey primary coverts -- rusty tones somewhat exaggerated by the late afternoon sun

local Peregrine

the local pair had a go at a Redshank this afternoon; put it down in the Humber but it kept diving and got away -- the only Little Auk of the day had the good sense to turn back east before attracting their attention

Short-eared Owl battling in

two Short-eared Owls in off yesterday during the gales -- so vulnerable in the weather and waves

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


At Alkborough Pintail are mainly passage birds in October-November with few staying for long but this autumn seems to be different with a small flock regular for the last 4-5 weeks; usually only about 10 but 23 today - normally always the furthest birds from the hide the wind and the harriers today moved them closer and luckily the sun was out when they did a quick fly by -- not seeing Pintail well that often I had failed to appreciate the differences in upper wing pattern of 1cy males and females - fantastic ducks