Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lesser Yellowlegs returns

first seen on October 30th 2011 as a juvenile this Lesser Yellowlegs stayed in North Lincs to February 2012 when the freeze seemed to have killed it off - presumably it moved to a milder spot as it returned on October 28th with its Redshank buddy now in partial summer plumage
seriously rubbish light this morning but at least it was co-operative for once at this notoriously tricky locality
You can hear a brief burst of song on the video here
Lesser Yellowlegs song

Lesser Yellowlegs
Ruff and the outsider
Lesser Yellowlegs at Alkborough
Lesser Yellowlegs

Red Grouse

I feel almost guilty publishing photos of an endemic British bird as it is the cause of so many raptor deaths through the continuing absurd persecution of raptors by gamekeeping estates and the heir achy of this country that protect them and sponsor the killing of amazing birds like Hen harriers, Peregrines, Golden Eagles and the rest --
all shots Canon 1D4 and Canon 300 2.8 II

anyway everyone should sign this petition and at least show those who run this country that they are not immune --

photographic - dedication

my daughter learning that getting different photos takes a bit of welly action in Loch Morlich at -2C and just before dark

Red Squirrels

found one just before dark eating fungi hence the ISO 3200 record shots (first 4) then had about 30 minutes the following morning and could have done so much better with some light, time and less rain -- maybe next year

Great Spotted Woodpecker