Thursday, July 18, 2019

Silver-washed Fritillaries

amazing how this species is spreading and colonising new woods in N lincs -- saw 15 today in the forest and its 90% coniferous so not great habitat

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

screaming Swifts around the garden skies

Common Terns in different light

cannot recall where the quote "there is no such thing as bad light just different light or is it interesting light?" comes from or if I have just amalgamated two quotes to make it -- anyway some Common terns in the evening


Common Blues, Emerald and Banded Demoiselle -- I take all my ode images with eh same rig as birds the Canon 400 DO2 and 1.4x converter on the Canon 5D4 -- close focus is not great but you have a lot to crop from on the 5D4 images -- all hand held -- depth of field is often a problem and tend to stop down to f8 or f11

Southern Hawker

Don't see too many on my patch around the pits 

Red-eyed Damselfly action

poor quality images I know but interesting -- this male Red-eyed landed on the water and I thought it was going to eat the emergent damsel that was crawling out of the weed but the teneral climbed onto the back of the Red-eyed and the adult then ended up drowning --

Monday, July 08, 2019

juvenile Bearded Tits

a productive spring for this seedbed dweller around the Humber at least -- at least 34 juveniles in this small reedbed