Sunday, June 28, 2015

Squacco Heron Lincs

some pretty dire shots of the Kirkby-on-Bain Squacco Heron yesterday

dragons June 27th

Brown Hawker and Banded Demoiselles in fight mode

on the River Bain

Ring-necked Duck

on a brief visit to Alkborough Flats from Blacktoft on the 17th in a sensitive area for breeding birds

and so another amazing trip ends

a last evening up the Spray Lakes with a couple of Moose and a nice sunset then a repeat on out last morning with some nice views of American Emerald and more Barrow's Goldeneye plus a Sharp-shinned Hawk and it was time to return to the airport at Calgary -- an easy trip until the last 3kms - WHY are roads into airports so badly signed and overly complicated and Sat Navs simply do not pick them up!!! the only remotely near miss of the trip and missed the only gas station so got ripped off to fill the car up but after 10 days of such brilliant scenery and wildlife a few $$ between fiends was nothing - here's to next year

Saturday, June 27, 2015

last evening at Canmore

the small boardwalk in the Bow River at Canmore has singing Sora's and odd migrants but it was getting busy with people and only Common Yellowthroat and a rather nice Northern Waterthrush were on offer -- boy are waterthrushes fast movers

almost there

the drive back down the icefields parkway to Canmore revealed just how much of the snow had been transformed into the milky glacial rivers during the five days we had been as Jasper; the colour of the glacial fed lakes also changes daily at this time of year; I ran up to the snow line again but failed with anything other than Mountain Chickadees and Hermit Thrushes but the Black Bear in the lay-by, hiding behind the outhouse gave a new twist to the term emergency evacuation; the Brown-headed Cowbirds caused less of a stir amongst the travellers