Monday, April 30, 2007

lens test

the true test of a new telephoto is its ability to lock onto and produce a decent image of a flying apus--this new toy seems to be working OK considering the sun was above the birds and they were not really low enough--now if only one had had a white belly and chin!!


my local Pochard have never been very approachable this year

Sunday, April 29, 2007

new toy

the light was dire, it was cold with a strong north-east wind and hazy but I had to get out and try out my new big boy's toy--after a lot of deliberating I have bought a 300 2.8 Canon which I can combine with my converters. In spite of the terrible light the harriers were performing well and first results look promising. Pictures here with the straight 300 2.8 and with the 1.4 converter. Now for a sunny day

more harriers

a sunny morning and harrier action could be good!


An evening visit to Barrow Haven for the Slavonian Grebe, too far off, revealed this drake accompanying a female Mallard with young!---trying to get in on the exotic drake act on the local pits this Mandarin was clearly attempting to upstage the Wood Ducks! but nothing can upstage the beuaty of the Cootling!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wood Wobbler

a routine BBS survey this morning was enlivened by this cracking male Wood Warbler proving that I still remember the call and song from a distance! never an easy bird to photograph though when they spend most of their time 30-40 feet up in oak trees

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

patch ouzels

Mark Bannister picked up a pair of Ring Ouzels along Fra Ings road--still there this am often neatly disguised as woolly maggots

unexpected harrier success

the light was very mediocre and the birds often ah=gainst a bland sky but sometimes photography produces unexpected results---these are a rusty female and a young adult male

evening wildfowl

Mute Swan pair and Tufted Duck in the vening glow on Waters' edge and the Humber in a very unusual shade

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cyprus scenes

from the top sunrise over Episkopi, Avdmou bay, Pissouri bay, paphos Lighthouse and Kensington Cliffs

Great Spotted Cuckoo

birds with real character, I never tire of watching these birds displaying and chattering on the Cypriot hillsides---the perched bird flattened itself as a reaction to a Hooded Crow passing overhead

Great spots 2

against the green hillsides and blue skies of Cyprus they make for nice images