Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Common Crossbills

 spent a long time waiting for these crossbills to come a bit lower down out of the big pines but when they did it was truly dull, 2000 ISO and only getting about 800th sec but the colours actually don't seem too bad and maybe better than full sun; make the best of what's on offer - considerable variation in bill size and dimensions between different birds - one male with a bit of a pale gc bar -- feeding mainly in Scots Pines but occasionally on spruce buds

Roe Deer

 the key is to just stand stock still when they walk towards you - only move the camera when they are not looking directly at you -- 

Monday, October 26, 2020

winter Great Crested Grebe

 I have a lot more images of winter Red-necked and Slavonian grebes than Great Crested 

Whooper Swans locally for a short while

 five fine Whoopers on sailing pit Sunday before inevitably being flushed by boats - recreation and wildlife do not mix on restricted water bodies -- 

drake Goldeneye emerging from eclipse

 our local resident unfortunately been present for three years unable to fly due to wing damage from either overhead wires of shooting but he seems well enough; the drake Scaup present since 2016 finally appears to have succumbed with no sign of him since June - he had the same problem with one damaged wing 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Pink-footed Geese morning

 had about 3 hours scanning the c7000 Pinks just up the road this morning in the strengthening winds; always hard work and the flocks were very mobile but managed to find a juvenile Greenland White-front that flew off just as I turned the camera its way and a single Tundra Bean Goose but a bit of a monster bird presumably a gander -- also a leucistic Pinky and a very dark bird featured below