Sunday, October 29, 2006

beach sprinters

yet another attempts on the beach sprinters this pm at Sandilands but the number of surfers! dogs and tourists precluded any real success


these 4 Barnacle Geese flew south at Donna this pm with a flock of Pinks

little and large

the extremes of the seal world--Common and bull Grey


it becomes more difficult getting a shot of the seasl without people in it now that the seal circus is in town


a nice sunny day at Donna Nook but far too many people and just one Grey Seal pup but some Common seals which were acting as surrogate youngsters for most of the observers!

forest fungi

Fly Agaric, Staghorn Fungus and another 3 I have yet to ID

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

robin red-breasts

what a great day for light---along with the geese, 2 Shorelark, 2 Lapland Bunting, Peregrine, 8 Little Egrets and 5 Twite completed a pleasant day

Red-breasts again

Finally managed to catch up with the Red-breasted Geese after about 5-6 miles of trudging across saltmarshes and tidal creeks---today they were initially with about 200 Dark-bellied Brents then split off with 9 Dark-bellied and one Pale-bellied Brent

beach passerines

two Shorelarks at Saltfleet this am were particularly striking birds but flighty as all Lincs Shorelarks seem to be---also 5 Twite of which this colour ringed bird was most likely from Light Hazzles Reservoir near to Littleborough, Calderdale/W Yorks

seal season

a couple of Common and a Grey Seal were hauled out on a sand bar at Saltfleet away from the hoardes of seal watchers at Donna Nook

Monday, October 23, 2006


this pair of Beardies were in the small reedbed between East Halton and Goxhill Skitters---

herons on the last remains

the last remains of the wartime sea plane jetty at Killingholme are rapidly falling into the Humber--a sad end for a rare bit of British history but at least it is providing a perch for the Grey Herons and Cormorants

owl season

with a where to go birding article in the forthcoming Birdwatching it was a relief to find 4 Short-eared Owls, 5 Stoenchats and a pair of Bearded Tits in the place where I claimed they would be!--in addition there were about 5 million mosquitos biting like hell; this must be the latest I have ever been plagued by mossies in the UK

on reflection

failed to find a White-rumped Sand this morning at Killingholme so ended up looking for Lapwing shots---4000 Black-tailed Godwit, 660 Dunlin, 330 Redshank and not a single yank--also adult Med Gull on the shore and Peregrine harassing the godwits

Sunday, October 22, 2006

fresh in from the US of A

clearly newly arrived on the westerly airstream was this new for Lincs and Britain? Turkey Vulture at Barrow Haven this morning---well it was a rather poor day's birding!