Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hawfinches feeding on Yew

interestingly they favoured a single yew where the fruits were dark maroon to black in colour as opposed to the usual bright red berries on the other trees -- does this mean they were just older fruits that were going off or could they be last years? doubtful -- do older fruits have  less toxicity ? as usual very little light 

male Sparrowhawk hunting Snipe

not much wrong with these except all soft, at the wrong angle, eye missing etc-- had the 2x converter on in dull light taking shots of waders on ice -- slow shutter speed, bird appeared suddenly no time to change anything -- focus was slow and failed against the dark backdrop -- opportunity missed -- it didn't find any snipe either

Sunday, November 26, 2017

the big billed Hawfinch

clearly not ideal angles! -- but my best ever efforts at this beautiful bird

a few Alkborough birds

very late Pectoral Sandpiper

picked this bird up on call at Alkborough Friday but it was terribly elusive feeding in stubble higher than it was and very wary hence just some distant record shots of it flying around -- latest Lincs record need to look up how many such late records there are in UK