Monday, April 25, 2011

Tawny Pipit records

due to commitments only arrived at Tetney after 18:00hrs and the Tawny Pipit was by then lost and became elusive as the wind increased and it got duller and colder and colder and colder -- felt more like Varanger than Lincs and what a contrast to mid-afternoon -- some high ISO slow speed distant records of this my third Tawny in Lincs -- still a rare bird and continuing the run of excellent rare birds in the county this spring -- I just need to find one myself

fishing Common tern

Little Tern on the pits

a brief visit from a Little Tern yesterday was soon curtailed by the local Commons -- Little Tern is less than annual nowadays but in the 70's August used to produce some regular movements on the Humber --

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Purple Heron

nice bird

White-tailed Eagle

in 24C getting a shot of an incredible elusive and wary eagle was never going to be on but at least we eventually caught up with it -- appalling flight shots to show the primary damage on the left wing

more fun with Sedge Warblers

counted 18 in a short stretch of foreshore this morning -- also a new record 21 singing male Grasshopper Warblers on my local patch about 3x the previous best ever -- Canon 1D4 and 300 2.8 with 1.4x converter mark III


why do Dotterel turn up on the hottest days of the spring on fields that reflect heat haze like crazy --a few evening shots when it was a little cooler yesterday unlike the 26C when we were there today