Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Blyth's Pipit

looked a lot better later in the day when it seemed to have preened off the wetness from the early frost but then it wasn't close! a bit of video later in the day when it had dried out

Little Bustard in the dark

not sure why we decided not to go for the Little Bustard as it seemed a long shot from Pugney's but by the time we set off at 13:30 it was going to be a late arrival actually there by 15:10 but as the cloud covered the sun and hence a not close bird at 4000 - 10000 ISO so less than less lesser records
Video is a bit better -- note there are two versions on You Tube one rubbish upload from phone and one from computer that is better -- I cannot seem to delete the original rubbish one -- it says my browser is out of date!

mr Blyth's Pipit stage 2

a somewhat more successful day with the Blyth's Pipit but it still looks a bit wet around the edges -- still wondering why I took 700 shots of it though

Thursday, December 25, 2014

seagull taxonomy

after too many hours looking into a field of slurry I have now reverted to my previous gull taxonomy namely there are 3 species large seagulls, small seagulls and Ross's Gull with Mediterranean Gull being a worthy potential split